Mohs Surgery in Cincinnati, Ohio


Mohs surgery, also referred to as Mohs microscopic surgery is a type of surgery done to treat skin cancers that have progressed and prove to be complex. It is a surgical technique which was developed I 1930s by Dr. Frederick Mohs and over time has accepted by many surgeons for skin cancer treatment with a few enhancements to it. Visit Dermatology & Surgery for a skin cancer screening.

Mohs Surgery utilizes pathology and at the same time surgery to eliminate skin cancers by dermatologists.
For removing the most two common skin cancers; Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Mohs Surgery’s been embraced as the most effective independent technique.

How Mohs Surgery is Performed in Cincinnati
Mohs surgery involves progressively removing cancerous infected skin cells and examining them until tissue that is cancer-free remains. The procedure utilizes solutions containing zinc chloride which fixes the already infected tissues without necessarily changing the outlook or architecture of the skin cells.

This surgery is precise and highly detailed and performed by removing horizontal tissue pieces from the most bottom layer of the skin tumor. After this the tissue is then dipped in stains and carefully examined under microscope in Cincinnati.

More tissue layers, shaped like sauces, are cut and examined. This is carried out until there are no more skin cancerous tissues can be seen under the microscope.

These skin sections are frozen and then stained using special dyes so that they are easily visible under the microscope. Once under the microscope, they are carefully examined. A tumor map is drawn by a Mohs surgeon showing places where there could be remaining skin cancer cells. This is performed as the patient is present. After all the skin layers referred to as levels have been rendered free of any cancerous cells, the dermatologist determines the type of skin recovering procedure for most appealing cosmetic result.
In case more cancerous cells at a particular site, more tissue is cut off until it is clear.

Why Consider Mohs Surgery in Cincinnati
Mohs surgery registers a high rate of curing patients without tampering with the normal skin. The Mohs surgeon is also able to easily pinpoint the cancerous tissue on the skin. This could be otherwise impossible to achieve with the naked eye.

Mohs surgery could however implicate complications with scars on the skin once the skin heals. This is inevitable. Other complications include bleeding, reactions from medications and aesthetics and at times wound infections.

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